Circulation Policy


This Circulation Policy was developed under the direction of the Morgan County Library Board, was discussed and adopted in an open meeting. This policy will be reviewed by the library board on an as needed basis.

Basic Borrower Rules:

  • A. Borrower must have a valid Morgan County Library card. Patrons under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the Morgan County Library authorization card in order to check out library items.
  • B. Patron library cards should be presented at time of check out. At library staff discretion, library items may be checked out using the name of the patron.
  • C. A fine will be charged on each item borrowed, which is not returned according to the Morgan County Library borrowing rules.
  • D. All damage to materials beyond reasonable wear and all losses will be made good to the satisfaction of the librarian.
  • E. Borrowers will be held responsible for all library items checked out on their library cards and for all fines accruing on the same. Patrons are urged not to lend their cards or check out library items for others.
  • F. Patrons may request a hold to be placed on circulating library items. The library will contact the patron by telephone and place the item on the hold shelf. If the requested item has not been picked up after three days, the patron will be called and reminded the item is here for them and will be given a “hold til ___” date. If the item is not picked up by the “hold til ___” date, the hold will be deleted, the patron sent a card stating that the hold has expired and if they are still interested to call the library and request it again. The hold will be given to the next patron waiting. If the patron is the only one on the list, the item will be reshelved.
  • G. A patron is limited to checking out 5 videos/DVD’s, 5 audio books and 5 magazines at any one time. There is a limit of 30 library items total, in any combination of books, videos/DVD’s, audios or magazines. Patrons under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the Morgan County Library CD/DVD Agreement and Authorization in order to check out CD’s and DVD's.
  • H. Patrons may request Inter-Library Loans from other libraries and agree to abide by the lending libraries policy.

Library Cards:

  • A. Patrons applying for library borrowing privileges must complete and sign a library authorization card and show picture ID (issued by government, school or employer).
  • B. Library cards expire every two years. Patrons will be asked to update their address and phone numbers as needed.
  • C. The parent or guardian signing the library authorization card for anyone under the age of 18 agrees to abide by the rules of the Morgan County Library and agrees to take responsibility for all library items checked out by the underage patron whose card they have signed. The parent or guardian may choose to permit each child to have a library card in his or her individual name, or they may choose to have one family card for the use of their entire family.
  • D. Individuals residing outside of Morgan, Weber or Summit Counties may apply for a Morgan County Library card by filling out the authorization card and paying an annual non-resident fee. A fee of $25.00 per year will be assessed for each individual or family that wishes to check out Morgan County Library items. Non-resident patrons agree to take responsibility for all library items checked out by themselves or their family members and to abide by all Morgan County Library borrowing rules.
  • E. There will be a $1.00 charge for each replacement library card made.
  • F. New patrons will be limited to five (5) items per check out for the first 90 days.

Loan Period:

  • A. Library items which include books, magazines, audio books, videos/DVD’s and maps may be checked out for a period of two weeks. Due dates will not be set on days the library is closed. Extended due dates can be given, but patron must request additional time at time of check out or renewal. Certain reference materials and all items held by the Historical Society are non-circulating.
  • B. Patrons may renew library items for up to six (6) months, as long as there are no holds on an item. If library items are on hold for another patron they may not be renewed. Renewals are for two weeks. Patrons will not be allowed to renew and keep items for longer than six (6) months. If items are not returned within six (6) months, a bill for replacement costs will be issued, the patrons account will be suspended and library privileges revoked until items have been returned or paid for and the matter has been satisfactorily resolved. If renewed items are not returned or paid for after one (1) month, account will be sent to collection.
  • C. The loan period for Inter-Library Loan materials will be determined by the lending library and will vary from system to system.

Fines and Fees:
The library is under no obligation to notify patrons of past due library items. However, as a courtesy the library sends written notices of past due items to patrons. Library patrons or a parent/guardian if patron is under the age of 18, are responsible for all fines, damages, losses and collection costs of library materials.

  • A. Fines of 10 cents per day, per item, will be assessed on all past due materials, except Inter-Library Loans. Fines will not be assessed on days the library is closed. There will be a three-day “grace period” on all materials loaned except for Inter-Library Loans. Fines will not be charged on library items returned during this period. However, items returned after the grace period will accrue overdue fines from the original due date.
  • B. There is a $5.00 fine limit on each past due item. Past due fines for materials owned by Morgan County Library will not exceed the current replacement cost of an item. Depending on the patrons’ circumstances, fines may be waived in whole or in part at the librarian’s discretion.
  • C. The book drop located to the left of the main entrance of the library will be emptied at 12:00 and 6:00 p.m. every day the library is open and items checked in at those times. Books deposited after 6:00 p.m. will be checked in the following business day. Items returned inside the building will be checked in upon receipt. The Mountain Green book drop will be emptied at least once a week. The library staff will take off fines accrued since the previous week.
  • D. Patrons will be assessed a replacement fee for lost or damaged items based on the current replacement cost of the item. Patrons who have lost or damaged items will be sent a bill for the items and given 60 days to pay in full. If after 60 days the patron has not responded, their account will be suspended and library privileges lost. Patron will be sent a second written notice stating that if the item(s) are not paid for in full within 30 days, the account will be sent to a collection agency. The fees for lost or damaged Inter-Library Loan items will be assessed by the lending library.
  • E. Delinquent patrons will not be allowed to check out additional library items until all charges are paid in full and all items are returned. Patrons are delinquent if either of the following conditions apply:
    • 1. They have fines in excess of $5.00.
    • 2. Account has been suspended due to extreme past dues – having been sent a second past due notice or account having been sent to collection.
  • F. Patrons whose accounts are sent to collection for a second time will lose library privileges, including use of public access computers and materials check out for a period of one year.
  • G. Library staff will remind patrons of over due items and/or fines when they check out library material.
  • H. The actual amount of postage will be assessed for each Inter-Library Loan book ordered. The fee will be paid at the time the book is picked up.

Cooperative Borrowing:
Residents of Weber and Summit Counties may apply for a free Morgan County Library card. Residents of Morgan County also qualify for free borrowing privileges in the Weber and Summit County Library systems.

Under the terms of these agreements, borrowers are subject to the rules of the library from which they check out materials, including rules related to loan periods, fines and the legal methods used to recover money owed to the library. Patrons must also pick up library items and return them to the owning library.

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Kimberly Payne, Library Board Chair                   Valerie Hancock, Library Director                         

Policy adopted:  November 17, 1999
Last modified:  March 12, 2014
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