Past Due


This Past Due Policy was developed under the direction of the Morgan County Library Board, and was discussed and adopted in an open meeting. This policy will be reviewed by the library board on an as needed basis.

It is the intent of the Morgan County Library Board to maintain a policy regarding recovery of, and reimbursement for, past due, lost or damaged library materials.

The library is under no obligation to notify patrons of past due library items. However, written notices of past due items are sent to patrons as a courtesy.

Patrons will be notified in writing within three weeks after their library items become past due. If the patron does not respond, a second reminder will be sent within three weeks after the first notice. When the second notice is sent, the patron’s account and all family members’ accounts will be suspended. After all past due items have been returned and all fines paid, the patron and his/her family members will again be allowed to check out library materials.

If the matter is not resolved after the second request, final notice will be sent giving the patron 10 days to respond before the account will be sent to a collection agency. If the total replacement cost of one or more past due items exceeds $10.00, the account will be turned over for collection. The patron will then be charged the current retail cost of each past due item, a $5.00 per item past due fine, a collection fee of one-third of the total of the replacement costs and past due fines, and a $10.00 processing fee. If the total replacement cost of one or more past due items is less than $10.00, patrons will be sent a bill for the items and given 60 days to pay in full. If after 60 days the patron has not responded, their account will be suspended and library privileges lost. Patron will be sent a second written notice stating if account is not paid in full within 30 days, the account will be sent to a collection agency.

For patrons under the age of 18, notifications will be sent to the parent or guardian who signed the authorization card. If necessary, further action will be taken in the parent/guardian’s name.

Until such time as an account is turned over for collection, the patron deals directly with the Morgan County Library. After that time, the matter must be resolved through a collection agency

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Kimberly Payne, Library Board Chair                   Valerie Hancock, Library Director                         

Policy Adopted:  September 12, 2007
Last modified:  March 12, 2014
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